Your Car’s Paint in a CAN...

*Excludes tri coats.


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We will mix and fill your vehicle’s paint into an aerosol can!!!

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The product packed is of the same quality used at A+ Body Shops and will require a clear coat finish over it. We will mix your vehicle’s OEM Standard Paint Color.

Will will dissect the process for you:

Your vehicle has a scratch or area that you would like to fix.

1. Prep the area to be fixed cleaning with luck warm soapy water and wet sanding with a 400 grit wet/dry sand paper.  (When sanding, never apply excessive pressure to the surface as the correct grit sandpaper will do the work correctly)

2. When the area to be fixed is perfectly smooth and if without much sand scratches, apply high build primer or etching primer.  Allow the primer to fully dry and follow with wet sanding using 600 grit wet/dry sand paper.

3. Once the area is perfectly smooth, clean and dry making sure there is no dust or primer residue.  Wait until it is, again, fully dry before apply the basecoat.

4.  Shake your “Car’s Color in a Can” for approximately 1-2 minutes. Spray product over surface making sure the tip of the can is no more than 6-8 inches away from the surface to be painted. Make sure to not apply too much paint, especially on metallic colors and that the stroke used to cover the area to be painted is constant so that the color is applied evenly.  (Applying too much product or overloading the paint can result in a darker shade of the color applied) You may use a 50% overlap spray pattern.  Wait 7-10 minutes between coats.  Apply as many coats as necessary to achieve uniformity from the factory painted adjacent areas. 

5. A blending technique is usually applied beyond the fixed area to fuse the color in such a way that the new paint applied transitions smoothly with the vehicle’s factory paint.  You may do this by extending 2 inches from the area to be fixed on paint coat #2, #3 fanning out the spray paint over the area adjacent to the worked area.

6. Allow 30-45 minutes after your last coat of paint before applying any clear coat.

7.  Apply even coats of clearcoat for basecoat making sure not to overload the surface with product.  Applying too much product can result in paint/clearcoat runs.


*The information provided is for reference purpose only and should only serve as a guide on how to apply this product. Remember that if there are any dents or  major imperfections, you will need to follow additional processes before applying the finish.  If you believe this process is beyond your abilities, request the services of a professional body shop near you.

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