R-500 x LVLP (Low volume , Low Pressure) 1.3mm, 1.4mm and 1.7mm

The new R-500 x LVLP (Low volume , Low Pressure) is ETS Pneumatic's newest addition to their line of gravity feed spray guns. It features high quality at an affordable price. The new gun body design offers the user an extremely comfortable and lightweight tool.

Stainless Steel nozzel and needle are featured offering longer life, and the ability to spray all the latest finishes including water based. The special conical shape of the air cap prevents paint build up, and offers a wide spray pattern.

The R-500x comes in a high polished chrome finish for easy cleaning.

Technical Data Fluid Nozzle(mm): 1.3,1.4, or 1.7
Pattern Width: 180-280 MM
Air Pressure (BAR-PSI): 2.0-3.5 bar
Air Consumption (CFM): 3.0-3.9CFM
Capacity of Cup(ML): 1000
Feed Type: Gravity
Air Inlet: 1/4"


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